Coming Fall 2020

Holistic Healing & Yoga Personal Enrichment Course

New Moon Circle – Plant Medicine

Postponed until Fall 2020

  • Learn about cedar medicine
  • Examples of grounding practices
  • Self-healing ceremony
  • Gift: cedar smudge stick

Sage Wellness, 340 Gladstone Ave
$25 taxes included.
Floor seating only. You can bring a yoga mat to sit on if you like.

Please contact me to register.

Cedar smudge

Empower Your Future

January 2021

It’s time to check in on your values and goals and make 2021 AMAZING!

In this workshop you will:

  • Review 2020
  • Discover your core values
  • Create a vision board
  • Learn a meditation that you can practice to help you move closer to your vision

Supplies included: boards, magazines, glue and sissors

What to bring: anything to personalize your vision board

Vision board workshop


Holistic Healing & Yoga Personal Enrichment Course

A unique course offered in modules designed to deepen self-healing through the practice of yoga, energy medicine, breath work, meditation and Ayurveda.

In this course you will:

  • Discover your core wounds
  • Experience Hatha and Kundalini yoga classes
  • Learn how to recognize and release toxic thought patterns, and repetitive stories.
  • Create a home practice to support your unique needs
  • Learn ceremonies that you can do yourself
  • Learn how Ayurveda can help you move more towards balance
  • Learn mindset reset tips
  • Discover your gifts

This program is open to anyone who is committed to doing deep work.


Roxanne Joly and I have been teaching yoga in Ottawa for nearly two decades. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our classes, workshops, retreats and trainings. We both study energy medicine (Shamanism and Reiki). We are excited to share these teachings and modalities with you. We have created this course to help you heal your core wounds, connect with Earth Medicine, deepen your understanding of yoga, and introduce you to Ayurveda. You’ll have a deeper connection with yourself and gain tools and teachings to share with your students, clients, family or friends.


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