Why I love teaching kids yoga

I am getting ready to teach another kids and family yoga teacher training this Saturday. As I review the manual I am reminded of why I love teaching young yogis.

1. It’s funPrint
If you have never experienced a kids yoga class, it’s quite different than an adult class. We engage the children through structured and creative yoga play. Our yoga adventure weaves a story line and postures. We sometimes make noises is our poses, move off our mats, practice partner poses, sing songs and learn to relax and meditate.

2. It’s creative
Planning classes for kids can be a creative task. I love making up yoga adventures. In kids yoga, one pose can represent different things. For example, Downward Dog can be a dog, a mountain or a tunnel. The games we play at the end of the class are intended to build awareness and/or develop motor skills.

3. It has so many benefits
I wish I had learned yoga at an early age. I am sure it would have made my teenage years a lot easier. The list of benefits is quite long. Here are a few: improves mental and physical health, encourages self-confidence, positive self-image and attitude, helps to release stress, promotes healthy habits and relaxation and increases awareness and peace of mind. It’s really amazing to be able to share these benefits with kids and hopefully make a difference in their lives.

Apart from these 3 things I also love that kids say the most random things. I really should start collecting them for a future post.

To sum it up, kids yoga is tons of fun and beneficial. If you want to share the spirit of yoga with kids through teaching or participating in a family yoga please visit my kids yoga page for upcoming events.

Next kids yoga teacher training is at Rama Lotus Yoga Saturday, May 17th.