Why do you practice yoga?

Last week someone sat up during savasna and a few minutes later started to text. This week someone told me she hated yoga but goes to class because people say it would be good for her. This made me reflect on why people do yoga. Some do it to relax, to stretch, to prevent injuries, to recover from an injury and so on.

It got me thinking about my own practice, why I still practice after 14 years and how my practice, and reasons why I practice have changed. In the beginning I  enjoyed the yoga styles that were physically challenging. A few years later I was attracted to Kundalini yoga because of its strong connection to spirit. Later I returned to Hatha yoga in a gentler way and continued to meditate. I now practice mostly at home. The asanas I do complement my running, and help move prana to remove stagnation. I use pranayama as a tool when I need it, such as taking deep breaths to relax.

A yoga practice should evolve. Continue to ask yourself regularly why you practice and make some changes if what you are doing is no longer serving you the way it should.

So why do I practice now? To stretch, move prana, relax and heal. Why do practice?