Three Things Thursday: Awareness Skills for Children

Here are 3 ways to use a feather to teach awareness to children. The best feathers are the colourful, wispy ones you can find at the dollar store.

1. Meditation with a Feather
You will need a feather for each child. Sit cross-legged with your feather in your right hand and then wrap the left hand around the right. Place your feather a few inches away from your mouth. Your eyes are gazing at the feather. Experiment with your breath by blowing softly and then powerfully. Repeat each breath again and ask the children how they feel after each breath. Soft breaths are calming, power breaths are energizing.

2. Remove negativity
Use your feather to sweep negative feelings and energies away.

3. Intuition Game
Everyone sits in a circle. One person leaves the room or turns away. One of the children puts a feather under their seat. The person who left the room or turned away comes back, and uses their intuition to determine who has the feather. Those in the circle support the child’s intuition by remaining calm and quiet, projecting good energy and thoughts to that person. Explain to the children before the game that we are not trying to guess, but rather listen inside, and notice what our feelings are telling us.