The Best of 2012

iTunesBestOf20122012 was a year of change and transition. I got a new job, home and relationship. As with any transitions there were some good and not so good moments. This blog will focus on the good.

Top 10 of 2012

  1. Best relationship ever!
  2. Management position at Rama Lotus Yoga Centre
  3. Moved into a brand new condo
  4. After 6 months on the market I finally sold my previous condo. Thank you John O’Sullivan!
  5. 5km race in North Bay
  6. Part of the Hatha Teacher Training faculty at Rama Lotus Yoga Centre
  7. Released an app called Runners Yoga available in iTunes
  8. New friends
  9. Got home in time for Christmas
  10. 31 in 31