The psoas muscle is a deep core muscle that initiates all of our movements. It is often tight from long periods of sitting, sports such as running and stress. A chronically tightened psoas signals your body that you are in danger, which stresses the adrenal glands and weakens the immune system.

The following simple exercises will help to lengthen the psoas.

Although these poses can be done without a yoga block or thick book it is recommend to amplify the psoas stretch. You will also need a yoga strap or belt and a timer.

To target the psoas it’s important that the foot of the extended leg maintain good contact with the wall.

  1. Lie on your back with your feet flat to the wall. Bend your knees and lift your hips to place a block or thick book under your seat.  Adjust your feet if they have moved away from the wall. Raise your right leg and place a strap or belt around your foot. Hold the strap with both hands as you pull your right leg towards you. Keep pressing your left foot into the wall throughout. Hold for 2 minutes then go directly to the next pose.
  2. Keeping your left foot on the wall hold your strap with your right or left hand depending on your balance. Your free arm will rest on the floor for support. Lower your right leg to the right. Hold for 2 minutes then go directly to the next pose.
  3. Return the right leg up then bend your right knee and clasp your hands around it. Your left foot still presses into the wall. Hold for 1 minute.PsoasStretches

Repeat the 3 exercises with the left leg.