Lazy Glutes

I have read a lot of articles about runners having weak gluteal muscles. Who would have thought? According to this article “Each of the 11 physical therapists and exercise physiologists I spoke with for this piece named inactive glutes as the top weakness they see in runners (with weak lower abdominals as a close second).” Why? One of the big reasons is because we sit too much. The average Canadian adult sits for about 9.3 hours a day. That probably means that runners are not the only ones with weak glutes and that we could all benefit from glute exercises.

The glutes are important because they impact the kinetic chain. We would not be able to run without them. They help the hip extend, which moves the body forward, and also help to stabilize the hips and core when the feet strike the ground.

Weak gluteal muscles can lead to many injuries such as overactive hamstrings, piriformis pain, low back pain, IT band pain, runner’s knee, over pronation which can lead to plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis, and more.

Stronger glutes mean better form, faster turnover and faster running. The good news is that you can strengthen them in about 6 weeks by practicing the following exercises regularly.

Get moving!