How is your energetic hygiene?

energetic hygiene

Have you ever heard of energetic hygiene? That’s right, we need to take care of our energy body just as much as our physical body. As we go about our days we can absorb negative energies that can make us feel drained and depleted. We can also drain our own energy by doing things such as engaging in negative thoughts.

Here are examples on what you to recharge and nourish your spirit:


Set aside a minimum of 3 minutes a day to meditate. I find it easier to do it first thing in the morning that way it is done. It’s also a good time because it tends to be more quiet. If you are new to meditation you can try Headspace which is an app that guides you through 10 minutes of meditation for 10 days. Once you finish the 10 days you can keep reusing the free recordings, buy some new meditations or meditate on your own. I usually meditate in silence and set my Meditation timer app on my phone.

Eating whole food
It’s no news that we feel better when we eat whole foods as opposed to processed foods. Aim to eat at least 5 servings of vegetables a day. You wouldn’t add bad fuel to your car, don’t add it to your body.

Energy vampires
For the next week become aware of what drains your energy and what gives you energy. It might be thoughts, complaining, people, choices, tasks, commitments etc. Once you become aware of what drains you make a conscious decision not to engage in those activities, with those people or those thoughts. Do more of what gives you energy.

I need at least 8hrs of sleep per night otherwise I don’t feel good. To ensure a good sleep I make sure my room is as dark as possible and also wear an eye mask. For more sleep hygiene tips you can download this document which also includes a yoga practice.


Quiet time
Science has now proven that silence reduces stress and is good for the brain. “Two hours of silence per day prompted cell development in the hippocampus region of the brain.” Meditate in silence for added benefits.

Good vibrations
One of the reasons I love Kundalini yoga is because of the chanting of mantras. Chanting mantras  is a powerful way to bring good vibrations and change both your internal and external environment. You can learn more about the science of sound here. Some people leave mantas playing in their homes even when they are not there to create a healthy environment with positive vibrations.

Stretch and breath
Yoga teacher Guru Singh often says “Stretch into your body glove so that you fit inside yourself perfectly.” Ideally every morning take a few minutes to stretch and do some breath work such as breath of fire. The reason he explains is that when you sleep your body shrivels-up and accumulates carbon dioxide so upon waking you need to get back into your body and get rid of the carbon dioxide. Here is a good video to see “the fuzz” that accumulates if you do not stretch.

Spend some time in nature at least once a week. If you live and the city go to a park or walk along the river or some kind of body of water.


Sea salt bath
Sea salt, not to be confused with table salt, helps to draw out negative energies. This is especially helpful if you spend your days interacting with people. Simply add 1-2 cups of sea salt to a hot bath. If you don’t have time or don’t like soaking in the tub you can make a sea salt scrub by adding a bit of almond, olive or coconut oil to salt and scrub it on your skin while you stand in the tub before you take your shower and then rinse it off.

Energy healing
Ceremonies such as chakra balancing and cord cutting can be done as needed to help you recharge.

A chakra balancing sequence will help to clear your chakras of negative imprints an then give them a tune-up so they function optimally.

Cutting cords helps to reset negative relationships. We create invisible attachments to everyone we meet. Some of these cords can become toxic or unwanted. In this ceremony the cords are found and cut to make the relationship neutral.

I suggest you seek a healer who knows what they are doing instead of trying to do these ceremonies yourself. Please contact me if you would like some recommendations.

Now that you know more about energetic hygiene start to incorporate some of these suggestions and enjoy more health and vitality.

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