Inspiring or offensive?

Yet another controversy in the yoga world. This time it’s a video by Equinox showcasing Briohny Kate-Smyth practicing yoga in her lingerie. In less than a month this video has had 1,492,890 hits. The comments vary from inspiring to offensive.

Please read this article Stop Judging and Read by Kathryn Budig before watching the video (found in the article). It will hopefully change your viewing experience and your mind.

I read the article last night then watched the video. It brought tears of inspiration to my eyes. Having gone through a decade of eating disorder hell all I could see was beauty, strength and courage. To me this video isn’t about the yoga or a woman in lingerie. It’s about a woman celebrating and making peace with her body. Her movements are controlled and fluid. For me it expresses that she is in control of her body and mind where as in the past she may have been a slave to her body and mind.

Here are parts of the article that really hit home:
“…we are quick to judge when we have no idea where someone else is coming from. People often overcome mountains of adversary to be in a place where they can shine.”

My eating disorder started from a comment a boy made in the school yard and then it became a way for me to cope with circumstances that were out my control. At my worst I had lost half my body weight. My eating disorder struggle was the most challenging experience of my life. I don’t wish it upon anyone but I don’t regret it. It has made me who I am today. I never take my health for granted and feel like I have been giving a chance to live fully. I feel most alive when I am taking good care of myself and doing the things I love like practicing yoga, running and sharing my passion with others.

“Once on set, I put my outfit on and had a brief moment of panic… a relapse of old thinking. But when I revealed that to my fiancé he told me, “You look beautiful.” And that stopped the chatter in my mind.”

Never tell a girl she looks fat or is too skinny. Tell her she is beautiful. Empower her.

“It felt incredibly liberating to be confident in my own skin.”

Today I feel stronger than ever in my mind, body and spirit. When I think of the teen I was I wish I could give her a big hug and tell her is beautiful.

Please remember we have no idea what someone has been through. Practice compassion for all.

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  1. Beaucage

    Inspiring or offensive….

    Firstly: Freedom is gained when abondonning one’s prejudices and judgments….your comments reinforce kindness found in empathy and understanding…your comments give us place to grow and aspire…..

    Secondly: We were stongly impressed by your testimony sharing how you overcame your challenge and found inner peace, beauty and strength…..

    We found your blog inspiring.

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