Yoga sequence of the week: twists

Holidays are stressing you out? A yoga sequence focused on twists and some mudras can help calm and centre. Twists benefit the adrenals, kidneys, spleen, liver and intestines – the organs that clean and disperse toxins. The action of twisting strengthens the functioning of these organs.

Contradiction: disk problems

Bhu Mudra – Gesture of the Earth
Fold your pinky and ring fingers toward your palms and lock them down with your thumb. Make a “V” with your middle and index fingers and ground them into the earth beside your body so your arms form a triangular shape.
Benefits: Grounds body and mind and helps relieve anxiety.

Aadi Mudra – Primal or first gesture
Curl your fingers around your thumb to make a very light fist.
Benefits: Soothes the mind and nervous system and is said to positively influence breathing.

D = dynamic movement with breath
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twist sequence