Yoga sequence of the week – Laterals

According to Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the lungs can get vulnerable during the change of seasons, especially winter to spring and summer to fall. This can lead to colds, flues, and allergies.

On an energetic level the lungs are associated with grief and sadness. Ayurvedic doctor, Dr Lad, says that old grief which accumulates in the lungs is like stale air and needs to be expelled by deep pranayamic breathing.

How often do we take full, deep breaths to condition our lungs? In the sequence that follows I encourage you to breath consciously during the practice and feel your lungs expanding from the front, back and sides not just the front. This sequence includes many side and back bends, to help open the chest.

Legend: I = Inhale, E = Exhale, D = Dynamic movement, H = Hold

The sequences are my teaching notes and don’t include some transitions or mention to do the same poses on the other side because it’s assumed.

Happy yoga!