Yoga Sequence of the week – King Arthur pose

King Arthur Pose is low crescent lunge with your back foot against the wall. It’s one of those “sensational” poses in the sense that you get a real deep stretch.

King Arthur is a good pose to stretch your quads and hip flexors. If you reach your arms up you might also feel a stretch in your core and chest. The psoas muscle, an important hip flexor, that runs from the middle of the spine to your inner thigh will get a really good stretch. If you sit for long periods of time it’s almost guaranteed to be tight. When the psoas is tight it can have a negative affect your posture, digestion, back and even stress. Because it is one of the muscles that is pivotal in the fight-or-flight response it is often continuously stimulated by low-grade stress. This may also be why some will find this pose uncomfortable because we store our emotions in our tissues.

The sequence will get you ready for King Arthur pose by stretching the front lines of the body, including the quads and psoas. Because of the insertion location of the psoas at the spine there are a few twist and side bends to help stretch the top of the muscles.

Be mindful of your knees when doing this pose. If your feel pain, skip it. I suggest using a blanket under the knee that is on the floor or you can use the couch as a prop as you can see in this image.

If you know the story behind this pose I would love to know it. I have been searching for it for a long time!