Wise Words From My Dad

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 7.37.57 PMWhenever I am experiencing a challenge I know I can count on my Dad for honest and good advice. Here is some of the wisdom he shared with me this week.

Be gentle in your strength. My dad knows that I can be fiery and so reminds me to be firm but gentle and to always approach people, circumstances and challenges with love.

A poor man is one that doesn’t learn from his mistakes. My father admits that he has made lots of mistakes in his life but he regards them as lessons for growth.

Reacting to a negative situation with more negativity just make for a negative outcome. Truth!

Je t’aime papa!

One Reply to “Wise Words From My Dad”

  1. Mom

    C’est un beau témoignage d’amour! En effet, la vie nous récompense avec un brin de sagesse lorsqu’on a le courage de poser un regard honnête sur notre parcours de vie et d’y en retirer les leçons.
    On ne reçoit pas la sagesse, il faut la découvrir soi-même, après un trajet que personne ne peut faire pour nous. (M. Proust)

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