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parliament Hill YogaWho knew there was so much affordable yoga in Ottawa? Before I get to the list let me say that I believe there is a time and place for free yoga such as building community and bringing awareness to yoga. I do believe that yoga teachers should get compensated in some way for their time and effort. Most teachers have a minimum of 200hrs of study. I spent more money on yoga education than on college tuition. I do think that free can be too expensive mostly because it can devalue your service and the service of others.

Now for the list…

Free classes

By donation

Low fees

  • Simply Mediation at Planet Botanix Sunday evenings at 5:15 pm $5
  • Inner Soul Yoga & Cycle: Fridays 10:30-11:30am – $5 Yin Yoga and Fridays  7:30-8:30pm – $5 Hot Yoga. Their regular drop-in fee is only $12.
  • Studio 57 in Ottawa South. Enjoy the benefits of small class sizes and individual attention. The price per class is $10 when you pay for a session. The studio in Natalie’s home has plenty of props, a calming atmosphere.

Other options

  • The City of Ottawa recreation programs are affordable, and you can apply for subsidy for discounted or free programs.
  • Introductory pricing at most yoga studios are a good deal such as one month unlimited for $40. Visit their websites for pricing.
  • Yoga at work! Get of group of coworkers together and hire a teacher. Classes can range between $6-10 per participant, per class and it’s convenient! Not sure where to find a teacher? Checkout Ottawa Wellness Hub.
  • Most gyms offer yoga as part their membership.

Yoga online

A big thank you to my fellow yoga teachers, and friends for helping me build this list. If we have missed some please leave them in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Free or affordable yoga in Ottawa

  1. Jamie

    Thanks for the mention Tania! And I fully agree about appropriate compensation. Yoga teachers are full of love and compassion but they have bills too! It’s an important issue to shine the light on. Xo

  2. Kim

    Empower ME Yoga – Westboro (formerly Santosha Yoga) $5 Yoga Saturday afternoons from 4:30 -6pm … New Teachers practicing their skills

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