Energy Healing

dream-catcher-902508_640ALL HEALING IS SELF HEALING!

I have completed a Professional Shamanism Training Program taught by Algonquin Medicine Man. My approach to healing is practical and efficient. I like to get to the root cause of the issue so that it no longer triggers you and that you can fully heal. I believe that everyone has the power to heal themselves, my work is simply to facilitate the ceremonies and allow the healing to happen.

The ceremonies will help you to:

  • get you in touch with your own inner healer
  • take ownership of your life
  • break through personal limitations
  • heal your core issues at their roots
  • get from where you are to where you want to go
  • live the life you were born to live

What to expect

The session will begin with some tracking. Tracking is a meaningful discussion to get to the root cause of the issue.

Once the root cause is identified you will either sit or lie down for a healing ceremony. The ceremony can include journeying, similar to a guided visualization or energy work.

Once the ceremony is complete there will be time for a discussion and you will be given some cultivation and integration work.

The sessions can be done in person at Sage Wellness or by phone. Please email me to book a session.

Your investment: $80 tax included.

Location: Sage Wellness, 340 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa

Tania does not provide diagnoses, medical or psychological services. Please contact your healthcare provider for those services.

“For many reasons, Tania is one of the few talented professionals I trust in the space of personal healing and creative artistry. If you’re at all curious about what she does and the potential impact on your life, I encourage you to check her out.” – Matthew

I’ve been a client of Tania’s for over a year now. She’s amazing! This Traditional Shamanic Energy Healing works! I’ve suffered with pain in my left hip off and on for years. I’ve tried many other methods to healing, Physio, Yoga, Reiki, Acupuncture but nothing help heal it. So I decided to give this method a try. In our first session Tania discovered that I had crystallized energy in my left hip. It was in the form of shard glass. Once she removed the crystallized energy my hip felt so much better, and the next day even better, and after a few days the pain was gone. I highly recommend going to see her.
~ Jennifer Malisauskas, founder of