Crystals for peaceful sleep

For the past few months my sleep has been restless and disturbed. I have experimented with combinations of crystals and gemstones that are said to help with insomnia. I have tried Howlite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Black Onyx, Hematite. No luck.

A few days ago I smudge my room with Palo Santo wood and then created a grid using black tourmaline around my bed. It worked! I sleep right through the night now with any interruptions and my dreams are more peaceful. Black tourmaline is easy to find in crystal shops.  It is a good grounding and protective stone.

Here is how to make the grid.FullSizeRender

  • Place one black tourmaline stone at each corner of the bed, ideally in the inside so that it doesn’t get disturbed.
  • Thank each stone by speaking to it, saying something such as “Thank you black tourmaline for helping me sleep peacefully.”
  • Connect the stones by tapping them to create a square and then an “X”. You can do this with a clear quartz wand, clear quarts point or your intention .
  • If a stone get moved out of place you need to recreate the grid.

A few reminders before you start working with the stones:

  1. Cleanse your gemstones prior to using them. You can do this by smudging them or placing them on a bed of sea salt for a day. You can reuse the salt to cleanse your crystals.
  2. Charge your stones by placing them in the moonlight or sunlight for a day.
  3. When you feel your crystals need to be cleansed, clean and charge them again.

NOTE: If you sleep with crystals under your pillow or near by, make sure that are not energizing crystals that might interfere with sleep.