Anjaneyasana – The mythology of the lunge and a yoga sequence

Anjaneyasana, also known as low lunge is one of my favourite poses. I include it all of my yoga sequences. It’s a great pose to stretch the hips, therefore really good for those who do a lot of sitting, running or other physical training.

Anjaneyasana was named after Anjani. One tradition says she was a female cloud-spirit, or nymph, who married a man on Earth in order to give birth to the hero Hanuman. Another tradition says that she was a Yogini who lived  in the forest and performed Tapas, one of the niyamas. Tapas helps to burn off of impurities and involves strict discipline and mastery over, the mind, body, and senses. Anjaneyasana, honors the power of Anjani’s practice.

Here is a yoga sequence inspired by Anjaneyasana.