About me

Hi! I am Tania. I love to learn, create and inspire and yoga and graphic design allow me to do both.


My yoga journey began in January 2000. At that time I was very disconnected to my body. The practice of Iyengar Yoga allowed me to feel my body. I remember feeling taller and more grounded the morning after my first class. At that moment I knew that I wanted to teach yoga. I wanted to help others experience connection and positive changes within themselves.

In summer of 2002, I discovered Kundalini yoga which strengthened my connection to Spirit and Self. A few months after I was enrolled in Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. Since then I have also obtained certification in Hatha and Children’s yoga and have taught countless classes and workshops.

One of my favourite yoga teachers, Guru Singh, sums up why I love and teach yoga and how it works. “Yoga postures have been technically developed over thousands of years to maximize the health and ease of your physical body in order to minimize the disruption in your emotional body, in order to maximize the use of your mental body, in order to capitalize on the connection with your spiritual bodies.”

My approach to teaching yoga is practical and lighthearted. I strive to help others connect to their whole being and obtain positive results in there lives through yoga.


Graphic Design

I am a graphic designer and web designer in Ottawa. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and believe that one should never stop learning and improving. I work with the most current Adobe Creative Suite to ensure that the files are compatible with printers and other designers.

Being a freelancer means that I wear many hats. I am also a project manager, problem solver and effective communicator. I love all my roles and know my limits so if I don’t know how to do something I will reach out to someone who is competent. I believe that success is obtained by capitalizing on all talents, and collective effort and I will do what it takes to make your projects successful.

I have almost 2 decades of graphic design experience and I am comfortable working in English and French with businesses of all sizes. Please view my portfolio to get a feel of my style. If you think I would be a good fit for your projects please get in touch.


  • Graphic design – La Cité Collégiale 1998
  • 200hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training  2002-2003
  • 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training  2006-2007
  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga 2016
  • Web design – McMaster University 2016-2017

Contact me by email.