3 ways to get inspired

1. Do something new!

This morning I worked out with 60 other people on Parliament Hill as part of November Project Ottawa. My friend had invited my husband I and I honestly wasn’t looking forward to getting up at 6am to be there for 6:29am but I am glad I did. We were greeted with hugs and high fives. The workout was hard but fun and there was a lot of encouragement. I will go back.

2. Brainstorm

Brainstorm a goal or project with a friend. I always feel energized and inspired after bouncing ideas around with friends.

3. Listen to podcasts!

I saved the best for last! I have become a bit of a podcast junkie. Lately I average about 2 a day. That’s 2-3hrs or inspiration!
Here are my favourite podcasts and why I enjoy them.

Lewis Howes I stumbled upon Lewis Howes School of Greatness podcast a few weeks ago and I can’t get enough of it. I love that you can search by categories: Inspiration, Business, Entrepreneur, Health, 5 min Friday and Relationships. So much goodness here!

Guru Singh  records his class lectures. It’s like being in his class! He uploads new lectures every Sunday and Friday.

Ben Greenfield I have listened Ben for years. He interviews leaders in the health and fitness industry. Some advice is kinda out there but it’s really interesting to learn about new biohacks and new research.

Rich Roll I loved his book Finding Ultra! He started to change his life drastically at 40 and is now 50 and a vegan ultra-endurance athlete, wellness & plant-based nutrition advocate and popular public speaker. He interviews people with inspiring stories.

Dave Asprey I just started listening to Dave. He wants to live until 180 so he shares a lof of health and lifestyle advice for longevity.

The Tim Ferriss Show According to his site his podcast is “generally the #1 business podcast on all of iTunes”. Enough said.

Share the goodness. What inspires you?